Pain Relief Treatment: What Types Of Pain Does Red Light Therapy Treat?

Joint discomfort is quite common and these pains are felt in the joints of hands, feet, spine, hips, knees, etc. In the U. S., patients with arthritis are estimated at 52.5 million [22.7 percent] in 2010-2012, and has been expected to affect 78.4 million adults by 2040.

Are you one of them and looking for a non-invasive solution? Consider red light therapy. Some research reports that this therapy can be the best pain relief treatment.

Let us look at what types of pain get treated by red light therapy!

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Types Of Pain Get Treated By Red Light Therapy!

Red light therapy has proven to treat many pain types, including chronic, joint, neck, osteoarthritis, and so on. One can achieve targeted pain relief through this treatment.

Here, we have provided a list of the pain types red light therapy helps decrease!


It’s an excellent way to decrease chronic pain and can get used when it’s needed. You can use up to three times per day per targeted area to get actual relief.


A study on elderly patients with severe joint pain found red light therapy to treat their pain and disability.


Yes! Red light therapy can vanish your neck pain as well. It is an effective treatment for chronic pain in the neck. One study involving 60 students with chronic neck pain discovered this new therapy is an effective pain relief method. In six weeks, they experienced an increased range of motion, decreased pain, and improved functionality.


Patients with osteoarthritis cause inflammation in affected areas. It makes red light therapy an excellent pain relief treatment for osteoarthritis.


Yes! Red light therapy enhances the healing process. It can boost the body’s ability and lower swelling in target areas. Most health providers use red light therapy to treat bursitis because it effectively treats this condition.


A famous website states that red light therapy is an effective short-term method for carpal tunnel relief.


A study in 2011 confirmed that patients with psoriasis got better results after using red and blue light therapy. Patients were given high-dose treatments three times each week for four hours. Plus, they applied 10% silicic acid solution to plaques. And the study concluded both are effective in treating psoriasis.

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Bottom Line!

For pain relief treatment, you can rely upon an expert consultation. We use a non-invasive and lasting solution – red light therapy for relieving joint pains. Do not forget to visit our blog page to get more insight.

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