Dark Spots


Dark spots, aka hyperpigmentation or age spots, are a common skin problem. This tends to increasingly grow as age progresses. Dark spots can even appear overnight and can be considered a sign of aging. Melanin, the chemical that gives the human skin its color plays a crucial role in causing this medical condition.

When melanin is excessively produced in one area, it leads to freckles, liver spots as well as other patches of darker skin. And if you are looking for a solution, we have got you covered.


There are three most common types of hyperpigmentation and each is caused by different factors. Lentigines are caused by over-exposure to UV rays from the sun. Melasma is caused by hormonal fluctuations. Post-Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH) can occur due to trauma to the skin, burns, acne, harsh skin treatments, etc.


There are many ways to deal with hyperpigmentation. But red light therapy comes out to be the most effective form of treatment. At Medano Medical Spa, we use advanced devices that use infrared or red light to treat various skin problems and medical conditions. Red light therapy has shown to be really helpful in treating such conditions.

Red light therapy basically works by stimulating cells through red light. Mitochondria in the skin cells absorb the light particles emitting through the red light. And this can promote the production of more adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the energy source for all cells. Thus, by improving cellular energy, cells quickly repair themselves, restoring the normal pigmentation levels in the skin. On the other side, collagen levels increase which works to reduce other skin conditions such as rosacea. Also, Elastin levels increase, which fights aging by giving the skin a youthful glow and lift. If you want to book a therapy session or an expert consultation, please contact us.


You can also get relief from all the above-mentioned conditions with our Infra Red Light devices. These are all scientifically proven, and clinically tested, and thus offer real results! Infra Red Light pain relief system was developed by using red and infra-red light technology. Willing to know more in this regard? Contact us.