Loose Skin


Sagging skin or loose skin is a common problem among people who are losing weight, while it is also a sign of aging and a postpartum feature. Saggy skin, on both the face and body, is most often associated with the loss of fat or epidermal water loss. The deterioration of collagen and reduction of elastin in the dermis are other causes of saggy skin.

No matter the cause, we can help you deal with that with our revolutionary red light therapy. Come and visit Medano Medical Spa and give this treatment a shot.


Anyone can get saggy skin. But it is more likely to occur in individuals as they age, people who have lost significant amounts of weight, and who just gave birth to a baby. Also, certain medical conditions may be the cause. It can appear on any part of the body and face.


Red Light Therapy (RLT) is a therapy treatment proven to help with treating various skin conditions by using low wavelength red light. This treatment has been shown to reduce loose skin by tightening the skin and shrinking fat cells. The RLT treatment works by emitting low wavelength red light on your skin. The skin cells perceive it as heat.

The light source has proper radiance, irradiance, as well as power output, and other crucial factors. These help in producing the proper and effective dose of red light. The mitochondria in the cells soak up the heat energy and this gives a boost to their energy production. This activation encourages the cells to repair themselves. RLT increases collagen production in the skin. Collagen restores the elasticity of the skin while increasing fibroblast production. The light does not cause any harmful ray exposure to your skin. Contact us to know more in this regard or to book a service.


You can also get relief from all the above-mentioned conditions with our Infra Red Light devices. These are all scientifically proven, and clinically tested, and thus offer real results! Infra Red Light pain relief system was developed by using red and infra-red light technology. Willing to know more in this regard? Contact us.