Red Light Therapy For Fibromyalgia Pain Relief -Is It Really Effective?

Fibromyalgia is one of the most concerning and chronic health conditions existing in the world. And the invention of red light therapy is a boon in this case.

This procedure is a research-proven technique and is considered a beacon of hope for people looking for effective fibromyalgia pain relief treatment. It is a safe, effective and affordable option to traditional treatments that are too often fruitless due to the complex nature of fibromyalgia.

But how exactly does this therapy work for fibromyalgia? We are here to uncover the answer!


Can Red Light Therapy Reduce Fibromyalgia Symptoms?

There is a handful of evidence that red light therapy is a safe and effective treatment alternative for people. It can reduce many of the conditions’ key symptoms. The procedure consists of a simple device that emits light or rays with wide-ranging effects.

How Much Red Light Therapy Effective In This Case?

By Improving Blood Flow

fibromyalgia appears to cause vasoconstriction and leads to impaired blood flow.

Research has shown this therapy triggers the release of a natural vasodilator. So, it enhances the formation of new blood vessels in your body and offers fibromyalgia pain relief this way.

By Reducing Inflammation

Research demonstrates that red light therapy may provide an anti-inflammatory effect on your body. Many pieces of evidence satisfy this fact!

Actually, red light therapy soothes pain naturally while aiding the recovery process. The powerful LED red and infrared rays penetrate deeply into your skin, muscles, and joints. Your body cells become more active when to absorb energy from the light. Besides, blood circulation increases which eventually promotes cellular regrowth and regeneration.

These are the total activities that help reduce inflammation. Along with that, this therapy repairs wounds and injuries too.

By Reducing Symptoms Of Depression And Anxiety

Do you know red light therapy has gained traction as a potential treatment alternative for anxiety patients? Yes! People with major depressive disorder have experienced effective results from this therapy.

And you know, stress is an excellent trigger for FM symptoms. So, if your stress level decreases, you start experiencing pain relief!

In one study, scientists administered three weeks of red light therapy treatment to 4 participants. They found an incredible reduction in depression levels compared to the other treatments.


Bottom Line!

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