Tension Headache Relief By Red Light Therapy: An Effective Treatment!

A tension-type headache (TTH) is often described as a feeling like a tight band knotted around your head.

Typical signs and symptoms of a tension headache are mild head pain, the feeling of tightness, pressure around the neck area, head or the back of the head, etc.

If you are one of them and looking for a non-drug tension headache relief treatment, this blog is for you! Experts suggest red light therapy which is now a popular effective non-drug solution!

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Some types of headache disorders are:

Migraine: This type of headache can be moderate to severe. The relentless pain may occur only on one side of your head. And nausea accompanies it.

Cluster Headaches: These quick but painful attacks occur around one eye. It can happen several times a day. And it leads to an affected eye, watery eye, and sometimes droop. Your nose can also get blocked because of this.

Tension-type Headaches: These happen because of extensive stress or musculoskeletal strain in the back or neck area. Most people suffer from chronic tension. And they look for effective tension headache relief treatment.

Medication-overuse Headache: As the name suggests, one will experience this disorder due to overuse of acute medication. When you stop taking the medication, symptoms get automatically stopped.

How Can Red Light Therapy Treat Headaches?

Red light therapy is now popular as a safe and effective solution for many health conditions. And TTH is one of them.

Tension-type headaches have two types — episodic and chronic. Episodic headaches can last from 30 minutes to seven days. While chronic headaches last for hours. However, these type of headaches is difficult to differentiate from migraines.

We treat tension headaches with modern Infra-red light therapy and other therapeutic devices.

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A Research On Red Light Therapy For Headaches:

In 2011, researchers discovered the effectiveness of red light therapy on 23 individuals with chronic rhinosinusitis. They have found that the symptoms get decreased. And these magical effects were sustained for at least two months.

Bottom Line!

Book an expert consultation For tension headache relief treatment. We use non-drug solutions to treat this kind of health disorder. Take a look at our other blogs to make yourself aware of this therapy.

Red Light Therapy Is A Credible Muscle Pain Relief Treatment- Is It?

Are you suffering from chronic muscle pain? Have tried many things but not achieved the desired results? We would recommend Red Light Therapy. It is a non-invasive effective, and lasting solution for chronic pain sufferers.

According to a study, many are turning to red light therapy as it has proved to be a credible muscle pain relief treatment. If you are not so familiar with this phototherapy treatment, consider reading this blog. We will discuss all the significant points in brief!

Red Light Therapy–Simple and Effective!

Scientific studies have proved that red light therapy works effectively amongst patients with severe joint pain. It can improve blood circulation and eliminate the pain within 20 minutes. Yes! After 20-25 minutes of this therapy, your pain decreases drastically or disappears for up to several hours.

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How Does This Procedure Work?

The near-infrared light-emitting diodes with a flexible neoprene pad get placed on the places of your body that have pain.

However, you may find a space between each set of red diodes. But this is not actually empty. There are diodes as well! You will explore NIR light that is invisible to the naked eye.

The layer below the pad denotes the epidermis. A few photons will get absorbed into the epidermis. But most of them will pass through to tissues in the following. Now, Red light photons will get successfully absorbed by the deeper layers of the skin and soft tissues.

During this procedure, many photons of both light (red and NIR light) will promote the release of nitric oxide and red blood cells. It helps offer more oxygenated blood to the nerves. Plus, it increases blood and oxygen circulation in your body, which helps disappear inflammation along with reducing pain. Plus, it attracts greater traffic of immune cells into tissue.

These two effects speed up healing. And therefore more are using Red Light Therapy for joint pain, especially those who are suffering joint discomfort. And it will rise as it has been anticipated to affect 78.4 million adult citizens by 2040 in the US.

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Bottom Line!

For muscle pain relief treatment, you need to book an expert consultation. We use drug-free treatment and non-invasive red light therapy to eliminate your chronic muscle pain. Visit our other blogs to get more insight into this therapy.