Red Light Therapy Is A Highly-Effective Tennis Elbow Treatment- Is It?

Are you feeling sharp pain and weakness that makes it difficult to move your hands? Can’t you grip an object, hold a coffee cup, or turn a doorknob? It means you are suffering from tennis elbow – a painful condition that happens when tendons in your elbow get overworked by repetitive motions of the wrist and arm.

Do you know tennis elbow will affect between 1 and 3 percent of the U.S. population? And Red Light therapy is one of the highly effective tennis elbow treatments, as per the survey.

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Research Shows This Therapy Speed Up The Healing Process of Sports Injuries

Yes! As per clinical research, red light therapy is highly effective in healing sports injuries.

Look at what medical science has to say about these light treatments!

Athletes of All Ages Return fast From Injury with Red Light Therapy

A major study in 2016 showed that red light therapy treatments helped athletes get back on the field significantly faster than those who didn’t use this treatment. Researchers treated a wide range of common sports injuries with this therapy and discovered:

Athletes Return to Play Faster with Red Light Treatment: Athletes have improved fast and returned within ten days of using light therapy.

Players Liked Natural Light Treatments: 79% of student-athletes stated that they are satisfied with the results of red light therapy as a tennis elbow treatment, versus only 7% who were unsatisfied.

Light Therapy was More Effective than Ice: Some researchers also concluded: “We believe [red light therapy] will be even more effective than ice. It works from inside of the injury outwards, with the deep penetration capability of the 830 nm wavelength. So it ensures photoactivation and repair of the compromised cells in the injured tissues.”

Relief from Tennis Elbow with Red Light Treatment

Lateral epicondylitis, also known as tennis elbow, is a painful tendon condition that happened because of repetitive wrist and arm motion. Most tennis players experience this condition, but it is also common among painters, carpenters, and plumbers.

However, most of us avoid invasive surgery and opt for light therapy, as it can make a big difference for the tennis elbow.

In a placebo-controlled, double-blinded clinical trial in 2013, patients who received light therapy experienced significantly improved hand grip strength and elbow and arm function. They also noticed a considerable decrease in pain.

Besides, several other clinical studies have shown light therapy’s benefits for people with tennis elbow.

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Bottom Line!

For tennis elbow treatment, you can rely upon an expert consultation. We use advanced devices that use red or infrared light to heal pain and injuries. Call us to know more about how we can help you with this. And go through our blog page to get more relevant information.